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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Okay, Jeanette – quit bogarting the pottery!

I’m sure some of you have heard me talk about my friend, Jeanette, and her pottery; for those who haven’t, she and her mother, Jill, have an Etsy store where they sell the most beautiful pottery. Jill had made pottery as a hobby for years, but a little over a year ago they opened an Etsy store! Stone Lotus Pottery sells a variety of plates, bowls, kitchen items, AND jewelry! And everything is awesome.

(This is one of the best pieces I have purchased! It’s a berry bowl! It’s like a mini ceramic colander. So handy - see the holes in the bottom?)

(And look at this ring! Isn’t it unique? I think this is my favorite of the rings she has listed right now.)

If you go to the Stone Lotus Pottery Blog, every once in a while Jeanette will have a giveaway. I think she’s probably done four or five so far. I’ve participated in all of them, but had never won. This last one wasn’t for a piece of pottery, like the previous giveaways had been, but for a gift certificate to Stone Lotus Pottery. And guess what! I WON! I was so excited I could have peed my pants! I used my gift certificate to buy this bowl:

(It’s even prettier in person, if you can imagine)

So now to the real point of this post…Jeanette and Jill are preparing for a show. “That is wonderful,” you may say. Well, then you would be nicer than I. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for them – it’s very exciting - whatever. You must understand: as one that was accustomed to seeing X number of items posted per week, and stalking the site like a vulture, it is disconcerting to see half of X items posted per week…they are putting some aside for the show…sigh.

I know the people at this upcoming show will be super excited to see items like this ruffle bowl (which is actually for sale over at the Etsy shop).

(I have one quite similar. It’s marvelous, I assure you. And it even matches my berry bowl!)

Or like this plate…

(Wouldn’t this be great on a fall table?)

So Jeanette…I know you are reading. Tell us all about it. Tell us when and where the show is, should anyone reading be in the area…and so I know when you will be posting lots and lots more pottery to Etsy!

Everyone else – go over to Stone Lotus Pottery and take a look at everything in the shop!


  1. Huh. As it turns out, Amy just told me that Jeanette and Jill left for the show today. It is this weekend! Amy - are you reading? Details please.

    I guess this means more Etsy pottery sooner than I had expected. Woohoo!

  2. The show is in Shallotte NC (I think). It is somewhere near there if not actually in Shallotte. They are getting the last minute things done today and the show is actually tomorrow (Saturday). They have some new pieces and I do believe that Christmas Ornaments are also going to be available soon in the shop because they have some for the show! So check back to the etsy shop often for new arrivals!

  3. Jennette posted a blog entry on her Stone Lotus Pottery blog if you would like to read it! The show is "Sunset at Sunset" in Brunswick County, behind the Village at Sunset. 10 am - 5:30pm They have OVER 150 PIECES there!!! WOW!

  4. you make me love pottery with your words and pics. i am poor you temptress. stop seducing me with your adorableness. now!