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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To the guy in the early 90’s, gold Volvo:

You were in front of me when I was trying to get on 40 from 52 this evening. Dude, you have to at least try to merge. Getting to the traffic and stopping is not an acceptable plan of action. If you try, and must abort your mission, stop at the end of the entrance ramp, not the beginning. Stopping at the beginning makes it hard for the people behind you (namely, me) to merge.

On a merging scale of difficulty, 1 being the entrance ramp from 52 South onto I-40 West, that just becomes its own lane, and you never have to merge; and 10 being the entrance ramp from Liberty Street onto Business 40 West, that runs into Cherry Street a mere four inches later (Don’t even get me started on that Liberty Street ramp. Geesh!), this entrance ramp is probably a…6. I would even give you a 4.5 at 5:15 in the evening, which it was. But still! At least give it a try!

That is all.

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  1. i hate that guy. he comes in all shapes and sizes, but its always the same result. i am glad you didn't rear end him.