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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am so torn. Well, okay, not really. I used to be torn, but I’m pretty certain where I stand now. The Kindle: seems like a pretty awesome idea, no? But if I got a Kindle, then how would I build my fantastic library? I want shelves and shelves of beautiful books; all in built-in bookshelves. I need built-in bookshelves. And if I’m not going to put books on them, then I am going to have to start collecting some sort of chotchkies…and I do not like chotchkies.

This is beautifull…

These are not…

(Please take notice of the Kindle I Photoshoped on the shelf.)

(Oh, for the love of God. All this thing needs is a Beanie Baby.)

I think if I was going to be taking the subway to work everyday, I could see the benefit. But since I don’t…I think I am going to stick with the good old-fashioned paper books! What do you guys think?


  1. I have to agree! Kindles, and the very idea of turning the lovely tangible, sensory experience of printed book reading into a hard, gray flat $200 dollar high-tech experience makes me want to gag on my Strawberry oatmeal. It is a timeless tradition that I hate to see disappear, much like letter writing has become. Discover your local library and used book store people!

  2. HA! I love it! You are exactly right, Lindsey. Books are awesome!

  3. ok hoochies, you are killing me. i was thinking of getting greggie one of these for christmas. he loves it. i prefer books, but greggie loves gizmos. now i just feel like a sellout for even considering it. btw, nice use of photoshop.

    my girl crush might be blowing up!

  4. also, i will not be allowing "the sad little walnut" on the kindle. all rights reserved. sorry kindle. p.s. your name sounds like a freshman girl not a tech gadget. sorry kindle.

  5. Think about Big Avery in the year 2041 saying to Avery Junior "okay, Avery - go pick a book out - I'll read you a bedtime story." And then little Avery Junior goes to his chotchkie shelf and pulls off a dull piece of plastic...and starts touching a cold grey screen... It's just not the same. But f Greg really wants one...

  6. WAIT! Get Greg a puppy and name it KINDLE!!! It's practically the same thing!