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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Do You Wash Your Dishes?

Or rather, WHAT do you wash your dishes WITH? If it’s not Dawn, it should be! For every bottle you buy, Dawn donates $1 towards saving wildlife. There is fine print though. Shame on you, Dawn! You have to actually go online and “activate” your donation. Cheaters, in my opinion, but whatever. So – if you are using Dawn now, make sure you go tho their website and activate your donation. And after you activate it you can go to this map and see how much your state has donated so far! It’s kind of cool. (North Carolina is a little behind though…) Next time you’re at the store, pick up a couple extra bottles! There are three different scents with a different, super cute animal on each one! How could you resist these faces???





  1. So I read my blogs in Google Reader and sometimes don't always catch who's blog I am reading at the time when I am in the "read all new" tab. Well I saw this post and immediately thought about you and was getting ready to send it to you when I realized that it was actually your blog I was reading! See I associate cute little animal faces and Dawn with you Ginger!

  2. Haha! (For those reading: Amy actually was a benefactor of my trip to Walmart when I got a smidge carried away and bought...15 or 20 bottles of dish soap.)

  3. why would they do that? you know at least 98% of people never do this. things like this anger me. just like that insurance scam you exposed. not nice dawn people. you want to seem so giving, but you are hoping losers like me won't follow all of the rules. did you know the percentage of gift cards that really get used is crazy? gift cards are a scam too.